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Study Circles

Gold Coast Baha’is, along with thousands of communities across the globe, are engaged in a decentralized, participatory approach to learning how to apply spiritual and moral principles and virtues to build communities.

The purpose of Baha’i study circles is to provide participants with the knowledge, spiritual insights, attitudes and skills to contribute to the betterment of the world, starting with the neighbourhoods we live in.

Study circles involve the systematic study of a sequence of courses based on Baha’i writings and developed by the Ruhi Institute (

The first course is Reflections on the Life of the Spirit and explores themes and concepts such as the nature and progress of the soul, the power of the Creative Word, prayer, meditation, and life and death. Applying virtues and appropriate attitudes to the present condition of our lives is explored. This foundational course is integral to a life that builds spiritual capacity to foster the well-being of humanity.

A more experienced person acting as a tutor facilitates a study circle. Their role is to assist discussion of the course material. Participants are engaged in a collaborative, learning process that builds capacity for service alongside others, and empowers individuals to become active agents of their own learning. Use of the arts is a feature of study circles, and everyone is encouraged to contribute to an uplifting learning environment. At the end of each course, tutors and participants walk a path of service in the company of others.

Study circle courses are offered as a community service with a nominal charge for course materials.

To find out about joining a study circle in your area, please contact us here…