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Australian Baha’is are part of a widespread, vibrant international Baha’i community, distinguished by its unity in diversity.

With more than five million Baha’is in over 200 countries, the Baha’i Faith is the second-most geographically widespread religion after Christianity.

The worldwide Baha’i community is represented by the Baha’i International Community, a non-governmental organisation officially accredited to the United Nations.

Thanks to a binding covenant within its teachings, the international Baha’i community is a united body with no sects.

Bahais from various parts of the world

World Centre

The spiritual and administrative heart of the worldwide Baha’i community is located in the cities of Acre and Haifa in northern Israel.

Ties of historical circumstance bind the Baha’i Faith to the Holy Land. Baha’u’llah was exiled there in 1868 and remained there until His passing in 1892.

The Baha’i World Centre comprises the Shrines of Baha’u’llah, the Bab and Abdu’l-Baha, other holy sites of the Baha’i Faith in the area, and the administrative buildings on Mount Carmel.

Baha’is from Australia and around the world visit the Baha’i World Centre for pilgrimage to the Holy Shrines. Australian Baha’is also serve as volunteer staff there.

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For more information on the worldwide Baha’i community, visit the official website

The International Archives Building at the Baha’i World Centre