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Devotional Gatherings

Gold Coast Baha’is help to build a vibrant community life by hosting regular devotional and meditation gatherings in their neighbourhoods.

We come together in homes, community venues, the Gold Coast Baha’i Centre and other public places to read, pray and meditate on the Creative Word of diverse religious writings. Free from ritual, participants are encouraged to create an uplifting sacred space that awakens spiritual susceptibilities. Inspiring music as a ladder for the soul is often a feature of devotions.

Devotional gatherings are open to all people and seek to strengthen the sacred character of everyday life in neighbourhoods across the Gold Coast. An opportunity is created to unite in a tranquil environment of inspiration, prayerfulness, reflection, and reverence.

You are invited to participate and to discover where a devotional gathering is happening in your area, please click here to contact us .

You are also most welcome to take a more active role to organize and host a devotional gathering in your neighbourhood. To assist your endeavour:

Additionally, a weekly multi-faith devotional gathering is held at the Gold Coast Baha’i Centre held every Sunday commencing at 9:30 a.m. and is open to all people.
Click here to see the GC Baha’i Centre address

If visiting Sydney, you are invited to the Australian Baha’i House of Worship or Temple, located in the beautiful hills and bushland above the northern beaches. The House of Worship is open daily for private prayer and meditation. A public service is held every Sunday at 11 a.m.

For further information:

Here are a few topics covered in our multi-faith devotional gathering on Sunday morning:

Amazing Grace (DOC, PPT 69MB), Call Of The Spirit (DOC, PPT 22MB), Change (DOC, PPT 74MB), Courage (DOC, PPT 63MB), Creation (DOC, PPT 235MB), Essence (DOC, PPT 117MB), Faith (DOC, PPT 27MB), Family (DOC, PPT 57MB), Generosity (DOC, PPT 137MB), Greatness of this day (DOC, PPT 37MB), Hope Faith and Love (DOC, PPT 26MB), International Day of Peace (DOC, PPT 47 MB), Justice (DOC, PPT 53MB), Kindness (DOC, PPT 215MB) Nature of the Soul (DOC, PPT 145MB) , Prayer (DOC, PPT 81MB), Prophets of God (DOC, PPT 35MB), Search for truth (DOC, PPT 235MB), Spiritual Growth (DOC, PPT MB), Spiritual Virtues (DOC, PPT MB), Steadfastness (DOC, PPT MB), The true seeker (DOC, PPT MB), This is Faith (DOC, PPT MB), Tow wings (DOC, PPT MB), Unity in diversity (DOC, PPT MB), …..

A devotional gathering.