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Children Classes

Children are the most precious treasure a community can possess, for in them is the promise and guarantee of the future. Developing spiritual and moral capacities in children is fundamental to their own happiness and the constructive advancement of the world.

Nurturing these crucial capacities has been a historical feature of the culture of the global Baha’i community, and is central to family, neighbourhood and community life.

Baha’i children’s classes seek to nurture the tender hearts and minds of children and help them to learn and reflect on how to apply spiritual principles such as love, justice, equality and unity in their everyday lives – with families and friends, and in the neighbourhoods they live in. Based on Baha’i teachings, classes aim to inspire in children a love for God, the Founders of different world religions, and humanity in all of its diversity.

Children’s classes involve short lessons, and activities such as prayers, stories, games, music and other arts. Through these activities, children learn about and practice a number of virtues or spiritual attributes such as kindness, compassion, respect, friendliness, cleanliness, cooperation, service, determination, and courage.

After class, children are encouraged to practice virtues in good deeds. As parents bear the primary responsibility for the education of children, parents are invited to join classes and learn about the lessons thus continuing to foster the noble character of their children at home.

All children are welcome to these neighbourhood classes, and can participate with the approval of his or her parents. Classes are taught by local volunteer teachers who are certified under the Baha’i Child Protection Policy which includes a mandatory Blue card.

Please contact us to find out about children’s classes in your local area and/or learn about becoming a neighbourhood children’s class teacher.

Baha’i Education in State Schools (BESS)

Gold Coast Baha’is provide Baha’i education classes in public primary schools under the “Special Religious Education” or “Scripture” program. There are currently thirty-four BESS classes.

Students from any religious or no religious background are welcome to attend (with their parent’s permission). Classes help children to learn about their spiritual nature, and complement the education provided by public schools.

Lessons are based on the teachings of Baha’u’llah, Prophet-Founder of the Baha’i Faith, and emphasise the development of spiritual and moral attributes and virtues in children to help them become world citizens. Children are nurtured spiritually and encouraged to embrace a love for God, the principle of the oneness of humanity, including valuing the diversity of the human family and religions.

Weekly classes are well organized and involve a short lesson, prayer and meditation, and various arts based activities including songs, stories and games.

Classes are taught by local volunteer teachers certified under the Baha’i Child Protection Policy, which includes a mandatory Blue Card. Parents are invited and encouraged to join classes and talk to teachers at any time.

Please contact us (provide link or email address) to find out if Baha’i Education in State Schools is available at your child’s public school and/or to become a BESS class teacher.

View a short video about Baha’i Education in State Schools on the Gold Coast:

Children Classes